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A round, clear glass paperweight with swirls of green and blue glass and cremation ash inside sit on a marver. Glass frit is scattered around the paperweight, illuminated by the soft glow of light from the glory hole.

What is memorial glass art?

If you're searching for a way to memorialize a loved one and keep them close for years to come, memorial glass art may be a solution.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about memorial glass art and what the process entails.

If you're searching for a way to memorialize a loved one and keep them close for years to come, memorial glass art may be a solution.

As a follow up to the introduction of our Memorial series, we'd like to chat about some of our most frequently asked memorial glass questions.

What is memorial glass art?

Incorporating a loved one's ashes into a work of memorial glass art is a very personal and unique way to memorialize a cherished bond.

Ash is added with care to the glass while hot, permanently sealing it into the piece and adding a subtle and beautiful sparkling streak to the glass, which serves as a reminder of your loved one.

What options do you have have for final pieces?

You have options when it comes to picking both the pieces and the colours for your memorial glass. Memorial glass transforms your loved ones' ashes into a handcrafted glass paperweight, pendant, oil lamp, or custom sculpture that will be a one-of-a-kind family heirloom that you can cherish. You can find a full selection of these items, with photos, on our memorial page.

Can you create custom designs or colour combinations?

We always welcome custom designs and colour requests. Please let us know what you have in mind and we will work with you to create a unique piece for you to cherish.

How does the process work?

We know that losing a loved one is a difficult time for anyone. That’s why our goal is to provide our customers with the utmost care and customer service.

From the minute you contact us until you’ve received your beautiful glass piece, our team will make your needs our top priority. We will work with you every step during the process, from showing samples, choosing colours, and answering any questions you may have.

For those unable to make it into our shop, we offer the option of placing an order remotely. At every step of the process, we ensure that you, your loved one, and the memorial are treated with the utmost care, respect, and consideration. 

Celebrate the life of a loved one with a special piece that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

How do I start this process?

If you are interested in having a memorial piece created, we encourage you to visit our gallery in Merrickville, Ontario. We have a collection of memorial samples for you to view so you can make an informed selection.

There's no commitment to order — we're just here to help you understand the process and your options.

If you would like to set up a time to come, in please book at consultation here, or feel free to contact us by email or phone at 613-269-7979. From there, we can meet with you and collect the ashes for your memorial piece.

If you are unable to come to our studio you can select the piece you would like from our online store and contact us with any questions you may have. At this point we can also let you know how to package the ash for shipping, and whether we require any specific documentation. Once we receive the ash, we will contact you to confirm the details of your order.

Once your order is complete we will package it securely, along with any unused ash, and send it to you.

How long does this process take, from start to finish?

Once we have received the ash we aim to have your order complete within three weeks. If we anticipate that your order will take longer than this we will let you know. If you require the memorial by a specific date please contact us, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request.

Can you use a pet's ashes?

Your keepsakes can be infused with the ashes of your furry family members, paying tribute to their kind, loving, and loyal companionship.

How much ash do you need?

Typically a teaspoon is more than enough for a memorial piece, though we will let you know how much is needed based on your specific order. Any ash that we don't use will be returned to you.

What can you do if you're not comfortable handling the ash?

If you are able to come in to see us, we can gather the ash required for your order from the urn or container. If you can't make it in to see us we recommend contacting the funeral home or crematorium you have been working with and they should be able to help you with this.


Do you have other questions about memorial glass art? Visit our memorial glass page or email us at