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Top 5 Distilleries near Ottawa

Distilleries near Ottawa? Maybe you have one of our hand blown whiskey glasses and you're looking for a local spirit to pair it with? We've got you!

Here are our Top 5 distilleries in the area!

Distilleries near Ottawa? Maybe you have one of our hand blown whiskey glasses and you're looking for a local spirit to pair it with? We've got you!

Here are our top 5 distilleries in the area:

1. Top Shelf Distillers

Founded in 2014, Top Shelf lives up to its name, having quickly become one of the top distilleries in the Ottawa Valley, highlighting local flavours and frequently giving back to the community. The Perth-based distillery is perhaps best known for its flavoured moonshines, but also creates fine whiskey, vodka, gin, and bitters.

Address: 14 Warren Crescent, Perth ON


2. North of 7 Distillery

Named for the iconic Highway 7 that takes you from busy southern Ontario to the forested heartland of the Ottawa Valley, North of 7 Distillery has been turning out the finest grain-to-glass spirits using local ingredients since 2013. Whiskey aged for at least five years in American white oak barrels, along with rum, vodka, gin, and liqueurs come out of this one-of-a-kind Ottawa distillery.

Address: 1733 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa ON


3. King's Lock Craft Distillery

A true small batch craft distillery, King's Lock has been distilling award winning spirits for more than a decade while putting sustainable green principles at the forefront of their operation. Organic local grains produce rum, rye, vodka, moonshine, and gin, some of which are even gluten-free or Kosher.

Address: 5 Newport Drive, Johnstown ON


4. Dairy Distillery

Did you know unused milk sugar, or lactose, can be distilled into spirits? Dairy Distillery in Almonte specializes in this unique method of crafting vodka (or as they call it, "Vodkow") and cream vodka. Not only have they reduced milk waste by using sugar that would otherwise be discarded, but they made their production processes and packaging with the environment in mind as well.

Address: 34 Industrial Drive, Almonte ON


5. Dunrobin Distilleries

Meet Ottawa's newest craft distillery. Dunrobin Distilleries began on the organic farm that grows most of the ingredients used in their spirits. Using artesian water, they craft vodka, whiskey, and gin that sings with local tastes. They also make a variety of bitters using natural ingredients sourced from farms and forests around the Ottawa Valley!

Address: 1498 Stittsville Main St, Stittsville ON


Whether you're a whiskey, gin, or vodka aficionado, you have plenty of options when it comes to locally produced spirits! Pick out your best glassware and enjoy a drink with a friend. 


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