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A round, clear glass paperweight with swirls of green and blue glass and cremation ash inside sit on a marver. Glass frit is scattered around the paperweight, illuminated by the soft glow of light from the glory hole.

What is memorial glass art?

If you're searching for a way to memorialize a loved one and keep them close for years to come, memorial glass art may be a solution. Keep reading to learn a bit more about memorial glass art and what the process entails.
Glassblowing artist Michael Gray sits in his dark hot shop with his face illumated in faint red with the light from the glory hole.

Commemorating Your Loved One: The Memorial Series

Loss is an experience everyone encounters, and the mourning process can be very difficult. People often struggle to find a way to honour their loved one and keep their memory close. Memorial glass art provides a way to commemorate your dearly departed.