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Colourful hand blown glass witch balls hang at different heights in the window of Gray Art Glass gallery.

History of The Witch Ball

Witch balls are some of the most beloved pieces of glassblowing. Delicately hung in a window or dangling from a stand on a table, they add a unique touch of colour and sparkle to a home. But, did you know they started out as more than just pretty ornaments?
Glassblower and artist Michael Gray holding a pipe with a gather of molten glass on the end in his Gray Art Glass hot shop.

Glassblowing Terminology

The art of glassblowing requires numerous tools and techniques — and with that comes a language all it's own! Keep reading to test your glassblowing vocabulary.
A glass bowl on a punti goes into a hot, orange glory hole.

History of Glassblowing

Who was the first glassblower? How old is glassblowing? Keep reading for a brief history of this incredible craft and art form that dates back to the 1st century BC. Discover major highlights along the path of glassblowing history and learn why Gray Art Glass is such a special place to visit today.